Grandma Day

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or as others know it...Tuesday!
My four and one-half year old grandson has dubbed Tuesday as GrandMa day, as that is our scheduled day for him to not go to preschool, but to come to my house to play.

The day started out innocently enough, with Mom forgetting what day it was....she packed his lunch for school. When he saw the lunch box he indignantly informed his mother that it was 'Grandma Day'! Well...the lunchbox was promptly stopped. Then Dad told him it was time to go to school. He once more clarified the fact that it was NOT a school day. After his misguided parents left for the day, he settled down to wait with his aunt for Grandma to come pick him up.

When I finally arrived at his house, at an early (in my estimation)hour of 10:30, I was greeted with a "Grandma, I've been waiting For..Ever for you to come!"

We're off to my house.
"So Grandma, what shall we do first?"
"Well first, where's my hug and kiss?" I said as I picked him up for our happy smile time.
"Grandma, your teeth are minty!"
"Thank you, I brushed them so they would be minty for you."
"I need to brush my teeth." he proclaimed. So we were off for the bathroom. I unwrapped a new toothbrush and put toothpaste onto it. I gave Emmi the brush.
"Where's the button to turn it on?" he asked surprised.
"There is no button, you have to move it yourself." I chuckled. I turned to get the towel. When I looked back, his little head was rapidly moving from side to side and up and down. I burst out laughing and told him, "No sweetie, move the toothbrush, not your head!"

I love Grandma Day. It always keeps me smiling for the rest of the week. It reminds me of why Jim and I moved to Florida five years ago. These are the best years of our lives, while the grandchildren are young, and I don't want to miss any of them. I can't wait for next Tuesday, uhmmm Grandma Day!